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Message from The IMC Chairman

  • Mr. G.Gurunathan
    IMC Chairman
    Group head (HR)
    Sri Kannapiran Mills Ltd.,
    Post Box No.:1,
    Sowripalayam PO,
    Coimbatore – 641 028

  • IMC Chairman Message The Institute Managing Committee (IMC), of the Government Industrial Training, Paramakudi, will take every effort to implement the Vocational Training Improvement Programme through Institution Development Plan (IDP). It expresses its unstinted commitment to enhance the skill level of its trainees to bridge the gap between the institution and the Industry.

    The IMC will identify the training needs of all faculty and staff members on faculty development. It will nominate guest lecturers from industry for various training needs. It will play a vital role in vocational guidance and career counselling as well as apprising trainees about the latest technologies and the trends in the world.

    It will organize seminars and workshops for mutual benefits of trainees, faculty and Industry. It will prepare guidelines for industrial training. It will take efforts to receive donation for machinery and equipments to the institution from the industry. It will supervise the maintenance of machinery and equipments of the institute by the industrial experts whenever necessary. It will extend its co-operation for supervising the examination.

    It will explore all the avenues available with the leading local industry and major local associations with a view to ensure greater and active participation in all aspects of training and also to extend managerial and technical support and resources for training to the extent possible.

    The IMC is constantly focussing on further development of the Institution.

    with warm regards,

    G. Gurunathan

    IMC Chairman
    Group head (HR)